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Where is everything?

Welcome to the new MUG website! If this is your first time here you are probably wondering where everything is – this post will help get your orientated.

Some background – the redesign of the site was always as 2019 goal for the MUG board, but we had to accelerate the timeline due to a breach in the site that resulted in malware being injected into WordPress. In order to protect our users and their information we shut down the old site immediately, archived it, and completely rebuilt this site with more modern and robust security in mind, along with all of the already planned improvements.

So the site is still in flux. Some things were recreated immediately; others are coming soon.

First off – the webinars are available on the site, but they are hidden to non-member users. In order to access them we need you to request a new account. Just fill out your name, email address and the MUG member company and we will recreate your account. Once you have that and login in you will see all of the MUG webinars back to 2016. The webinars have been tagged with their topics and should be a lot easier to find as they are added.

The forums are being redone and reorganized to be more helpful and relevant. They will be added to the site in future weeks – we will post something to Twitter, LinkedIn, and the site when they are available.

Which brings us to social media – we at the MUG are dedicated to getting news and info out to our members. Not only have we added an easy way to sign up for ongoing email notifications, but we have also created a Twitter account and reformed the LinkedIn Group for MUG.

Also – watch these spaces for upcoming website features as we continue to implement tools to help us all coordinate and get the most out of our EFI investments!

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