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PresWhatsUpdate – June 2019

Hello fellow MUG Members!
Updates for June 2019

Fall MUG Meeting – October 23-24, 2019

The conference will be at the same location as the previous few years which is the Double Tree by Hilton in Bloomington MN. Out of town attendees will want to check in on Tuesday the 22nd as we will start the first session early on Wednesday the 23rd. The meetings will run through Noon on Thursday the 24th. We will publish an agenda outlining the meeting content and daily schedules.

Below is the online registration link that will also have the reservation link.

Reminder that your cutoff date is October 1, 2019.

New Items

The MUG Website is back on line and looks Great! Thanks to Kevan for all of his hard work – Please check it out.

We will be publishing the meeting topics and agenda for the Fall Meeting later this month and would like to hear from you on what we have planned.

Version Updates – an ongoing issue for EFI is the number of companies – users on older versions of Foundation and the Suite overall and how that impacts their support strategies and effectiveness – i.e. they have remedied many defects and added enhancements that most users don’t see as they are not on the latest release and or at least one version behind. This generates support tickets that they either cant resolve and or shouldn’t see. EFI is working on some ideas to entice users to update but have not finalized. If you are on Suite 3 or later, Please let us know why you have not upgraded as we will have this as one of the topics in the fall meeting.

We are all absorbing the news of the pending acquisition of EFI. There is not any official news passed to the MUG that is not public. Part of this process includes a quiet period between the offer and final event so there are no additional details. EFI has assured the MUG that there will be no change in the relationship between EFI and the MUG organization and we should all expect to move forward an conduct business as usual, We should expect to see more resources into the newer products and integrations. We will pass along any information as we receive it.

We need your participation and input with the MUG. Please let us know what you would like to see from the MUG going forward.

Current Board Members
President – Al Graham from Taylor Corp
Vice President – Paul Kranz from Taylor Corp
Treasurer – Tom Swan from Bolger
New Secretary – Tammy Parker from Trend Offset
Webmaster – Kevan Meinershagen from Allen Press
Director of Enhancements – Shawn Williams from Premier Press
Past President – Michael Harshman from RRD

Should you have any questions or comments, please send them to

Al Graham

2019 MUG President

This is your user group – help us to make it the best by sharing your thoughts, concerns and questions.

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