You are currently viewing PresWhatsUpdate – Jan 2020

PresWhatsUpdate – Jan 2020

Updates post EFI CONNECT 2020

Hello Fellow MUG Members!

The Annual EFI Connect Conference 2020 was held last week and proved to be very informative and as always collaborative with both EFI and other members of the Industry.

We held our annual MUG business meeting and are proud to announce that Shelly Milford was elected as the new VP. We are fortunate to have Shelly and know that she is a great addition to the MUG Board.

I am also very proud to announce Paul Kranz as the new MUG President. We are very lucky to have Paul as President and know that he will do an outstanding job in 2020 and beyond. Paul did a great job organizing the webinars in 2019 and provided great input throughout the year as a board member helping the Board navigating through all of our challenges throughout the year.

I will move to past president and be involved to a lesser degree this year. I would like to thank Mike Harshman for his last three years, countless hours and great work that he provided for the MUG. He demonstrated great passion and attention to detail in all aspects of his duties. I would also like to thank him for all of his help and input during the last twelve months as we would have been lost without him. He greatly contributed to the Fall Meeting as well along with Dave Grebin, also a past president, to make the Fall Meeting happen.

New to the Mug last year also Tammy Parker who was instrumental in herding the cats and keeping us all on task. Thanks to Tammy for all of her help and input – past present and future.

We also reviewed the highlights from our Fall Meeting, discussed new ideas for 2020 and specifically addressed membership and ideas on how to engage more users and generate new membership. We will publish both the Fall Meeting and the Connect Meeting highlights on the MUG website.

We are looking forward to a great year ahead in 2020 for the MUG. We will have good representation from EFI as Mike Henderson will continue as our EFI liaison. Russ Anthony is the new GM of Vertical Applications and Enterprise Print and the new Monarch product manager is Josh Bassett.

Thanks to all for your support during my time as MUG president.

Current Board Members
President – Paul Kranz from Taylor Corp
Vice President – Shelly Milford from Walsworth
Treasurer – Tom Swan from Bolger
Secretary – Tammy Parker from Trend Offset
Webmaster – Kevan Meinershagen from Allen Press
Director of Enhancements – Shawn Williams from Premier Press
Past President – Al Graham from RRD

Should you have any questions or comments, please send them to

Al Graham

MUG Past President

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