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MUG WhatsUp Newsletter March 2022

Making Progress!

Spring has sprung!  Things are starting to grow, including our MUG membership!  Since our Fall Meeting seven companies have inquired about MUG or requested membership.  Most of the inquires are due to ePS promoting our organization.  I’d ask each of you to share the benefits of MUG as you network with other printers through various trade groups.

The Enhancement Committee is hard at work preparing the first round of priorities for job management.  The list is due to ePS by next week.  Some subcommittees have not met yet as ePS asked us to prioritize job management for the Suite 10.1 fall release.  As our Director of Enhancement, Loretta Grier, gets lists from ePS she will work with Committee Chairs setting meet times and deadlines.  If you would like to serve on an Enhancement Committee, please email  Include what software applications and area of primary interest.  Committees include Foundation, Planner, PrintFlow, iQuote and AutoCount.

Vice President Dave Grebin has put together two well attended Webinars this year, Monarch Suite Road Map and Purchasing Modernization.  Webinar registration and attendance is up dramatically this year.  Thank you seeing the value and making the time to attend.  Remember if you are unable to watch live, Webinar recordings are posted on the members-only portion of the website.  If you have a topic you would like covered in an upcoming webinar email  The Board strives to tailor the Webinars to our members’ needs.  The next live Webinar is April 15.  Watch your email for details.

Kevan Meinershagen, Webmaster, Dave and Pat Barnum, Treasurer, are merging and purging our membership list, our email list and website membership to get an accurate MUG membership list.  Once a complete list is compiled, Pat will send 2022 membership invoices.

Your MUG Board’s goal is to provide the membership value through educational opportunities, enhancement input and networking.

Shelly Milford, MUG President

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