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PresWhatsUpdate – March 2023

Updates post ePS Connect 2023

MUG Update – March 2023


ePS Connect 2023 was a great event and well attended with many first time attendees. With over a year as an new company, ePS did a great job in preparation and execution of the event. If you were not able to attend, the opening Keynote spoke to some key points.

I would like to thank the MUG Board and Members for nominating and electing me to serve as MUG President for the 2023. I look forward to a great year and hope to add value to the MUG membership.

The first order of business is to thank Shelly Milford for serving as MUG President for the past two years. Shelly did an outstanding job and will continue to contribute as a board member.

Secondly, we have another new Board Member for this year, Diana Hvistendahl was elected Vice President and has hit the ground running coordinating the monthly webinars with ePS for the coming year.

Please feel free to reach out and thank Shelly and welcome Diana.

A new objective of the board this year is to be inclusive of the full suite of products in addition to Monarch. Although PrintStream and Radius have their own user groups, there is a gap for some of the other major components so we will be focusing and adding sessions and discussion tools for the following products:


               Auto-Count Classic

               Auto-Count 4D

               Plant Manager


               MarketDirect StoreFront




               PrintFlow Web

               PrintFlow 4D

               Process Shipper





               Business Intelligence

               Tax Connector

We have more interest in some of these products than others. The newer products are generating requests; this trend will be reflected in the topics of the monthly webinars. Diana sent out a survey and we have already seen the votes come in that will drive the content for 2023. We are coordinating with ePS to finalize the scheduled topics.

We will be sending out membership invoices shortly.  Our goal is to generate additional membership and add some ePS partners to help sponsor the fall meeting.

We will add informational updates in our monthly newsletter so please look for that in your inbox and on the MUG website.

As always, we invite your ideas, comments, and feedback to drive the experience of the user group. Please do not hesitate to offer your ideas to us at or             

Al Graham

MUG President

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