Paul Kranz (
Taylor Communications 

Paul worked for a commercial printing business that implemented Hagen OA in the late 90s. It was the first integrated ERP the company had dealt with, so it was a fun and challenging project. He then worked for EFI from 2007 to 2016 as a Professional Services Consultant specializing in Foundation and Printflow implementations. The next step was to rejoin the user experience at Taylor Communications. The SCS division is in the process of implementing Monarch and designing their own automated mailing flow. Another fun and challenging project. Looking forward to helping the MUG achieve its goals for the next few years.  

Vice President 

Shelly Milford (

Shelly has 30 years’ experience in the printing industry.  Twenty years were spent in the business management and production side of the business.   After working as a subject matter expert for purchasing and inventory management during a discovery phase of MIS applications, she moved to the technology side with her company.  For the last ten years, Shelly has overseen corporate MIS support and implementation starting with Prism and QTMS and then transitioning to the Monarch Suite of products.  She has managed six major implementations and several smaller projects.  Currently she is working on two major implementations as her company acquires new facilities.  As a point of reference, her company is set up as multi-company, multi-division running iQuote, Foundation, Planner, Contract Admin, Productivity Workbench, PrintFlow, AutoCount Classic and AC4D, ProcessShipper, PrintStream and BI.  Her company has web, sheetfed, digital, perfect bound, saddle stitch, case bound and mechanical bound offerings.  Shelly is looking forward to serving the MUG community and learning from all our members.

Director of Enhancements 

Shawn Williams (
Senior System Administrator | Premier Press 

Shawn has 18 years’ experience with using Monarch foundation. He started at Premier Press 20 years ago in Dec of 1997 and his current role at Premier is the System Administrator.  During this time he has become familiar with many aspects of the Foundation suite all the way back while it was Print Café Hagen OA. In recent years he has become familiar with Process Shipper and Auto Count. He also administers VMware View and ESXi environments with about 120 desktops and about 35 servers virtualized. Shawn enjoys outdoor activities like Hunting, Camping, Fishing. Shawn is also a big Star Trek fan! 


Tom Swan (
Controller | Bolger, Inc 

Tom has been with Bolger for over 20 years with more than 15 years experience with Hagen OA/Monarch.  Areas of expertise include process design, system implementation, reporting and accounting.  In his spare time, he enjoys anything outdoors and spending time with family and friends. 


Tammy Parker (
Business Analyst | Trend Offset Printing  

Tammy began her career in printing in 2002 at a small digital printer in NH.  After 10 years managing both IT and Finance, she left the printing industry and spent six years working as a business analyst on ERP implementations with a focus on financial and tax applications.  In 2017, she returned to the printing industry to work for Trend Offset.  Since joining Trend, she has been involved in the integration of EFI systems across five recently acquired printing facilities. 

Past President 

Al Graham (

Al is based in Denver and has spent most of his career in sheetfed offset, primarily agency work supporting Fortune 500 companies, mailing, secure plastic card, packaging and specialty graphics. One of the most enjoyable and challenging experiences was producing the first 20 airplane tail graphics for Denver based Frontier Airlines. Al is the EFI Product Manager for Taylor Corporation and has a long history with EFI as a customer since the days of green screen products such as PMS and Logic. It has been a fun and challenging ride as a partner with EFI in the journey as technology has transformed our industry from analogue to digital and our business systems from greenbar to smart phones.


Kevan Meinershagen (
Manager of Process Improvement | Allen Press, Inc. 

Kevan joined Allen Press in 1999 and has worn many different hats over the course of his career. The primary focus was on various aspects of the Online Publishing division; there he has worked as a developer, sat in customer and technical support roles, managed production groups, and has presented advice and insights on the various caveats involved with publishing online content. He was responsible for the Online Publishing division at Allen Press for 9 years; during which he managed several large content migrations and site launches. Through these he discovered his interest in workflow analysis and project management. In 2016 Kevan was the Project Manager for the Allen Press transition to EFI Monarch. The launch included iQuote, Foundation, PrintFlow, Auto-Count, and Process Shipper all at once. Despite that he is still sane and relatively happy with how the project went. 

EFI Liaison

Michael Henderson (