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PresWhatsUpdate – March 2023

ePS Connect 2023 was a great event and well attended with many first time attendees. With over a year as an new company, ePS did a great job in preparation and execution of the event. If you were not able to attend, the opening Keynote spoke to some key points.


MUG Webinar: Monarch Purchasing

Join us for the December 2022 MUG webinar, where Stephanie Groth and Alan Darling from eProductivity Software (EPS) presents an Enterprise Commercial Print Suite 10.1 update and an in-depth look at the Monarch Purchasing modernization.

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2022 MUG Fall Meeting Recap

The MUG Fall Meeting was held October 27, 2022 at the DoubleTree in Bloomington, MN. Topics covered are: Sales Tax, IQuote Roundtable, PrintFlow4D, AutoCount4D, Purchasing4D and future enhancements to Foundation.


MUG Webinar: MyViews and Workbench

Join us for the June MUG webinar, where Stephanie Groth from eProductivity Software (EPS) presents Monarch My Views and Workbench. She compares and contrasts the products as well as explains what's involved in implementing Workbench.


MUG Webinar: ISCorp’s Monarch Cloud Option

Join us for April's MUG webinar, where Tim Roloff from ISCorp is giving an overview of what ISCorp can offer your business regarding cloud-based hosting of the Enterprise Commercial Print Suite. Dave Grebin from Priority Envelope and Joanne Anderson from Moore Direct are here to give their insights and advice as both of their companies have transitioned over to ISCorp hosting Monarch.