MUG Webinar: AutoCount 4D and Planner Updates

The May 2019 MUG Webinar is now available for our members. This month's webinar has Pam Dexter from EFI reviewing AutoCount 4D for us and also has Tyler Sparks from EFI presenting some new updates about Planner.


MUG Webinar: Monarch Web vs. Web Speed in Shop Floor

The April 2019 MUG Webinar is now available for our members. This month's webinar has Rick Krahulec (EFI Senior Consultant) looking at Monarch Web (HTML5) vs. Web Speed (HTML + Flash) vs. Shop Floor Client. He also presents some information and tips and tricks about data collection in general.

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Where is everything?

Welcome to the new MUG website! If this is your first time here you are probably wondering where everything is - this post will help get your orientated. Some background - the redesign of the site was always as 2019 goal for the MUG board, but we had to accelerate the timeline due to a breach in the site that resulted in malware being injected into WordPress. In order to protect our users and their information we shut down the old site immediately, archived it, and completely rebuilt this site with more modern and robust security in mind, along with all of the already planned improvements. So the site is still in flux. Some things were recreated immediately; others are…


MUG Webinar: Productivity Suite Workbench and the eFlow Automator

The March 2019 MUG Webinar is now available for members. This month is a two-parter: Michael Henderson (EFI Product Manager) walks us through the Productivity Suite Workbench and Dennis Kremer (Chief Software Architect, Productivity Software Division) give us a demo of the eFlow Automator.


MUG Webinar: PrintStream and Monarch Fulfillment

This session goes over PrintStream and Monarch Fulfillment where Kathy Di Paolo & Norma Nelsen will present what the integration can actually do. What kind of orders can be processed, how complicated can they be, and how the orders create jobs in Monarch. It also covers handling kits, POD, and grouping Print runs.