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PresWhatsUpdate – March 2023

ePS Connect 2023 was a great event and well attended with many first time attendees. With over a year as an new company, ePS did a great job in preparation and execution of the event. If you were not able to attend, the opening Keynote spoke to some key points.

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2022 MUG Fall Meeting Recap

The MUG Fall Meeting was held October 27, 2022 at the DoubleTree in Bloomington, MN. Topics covered are: Sales Tax, IQuote Roundtable, PrintFlow4D, AutoCount4D, Purchasing4D and future enhancements to Foundation.


MUG WhatsUp Newsletter March 2022

Making Progress! Spring has sprung!  Things are starting to grow, including our MUG membership!  Since our Fall Meeting seven companies have inquired about MUG or requested membership.  Most of the inquires are due to ePS promoting our organization.  I’d ask each of you to share the benefits of MUG as you network with other printers through various trade groups. The Enhancement Committee is hard at work preparing the first round of priorities for job management.  The list is due to ePS by next week.  Some subcommittees have not met yet as ePS asked us to prioritize job management for the Suite 10.1 fall release.  As our Director of Enhancement, Loretta Grier, gets lists from ePS she will work with Committee Chairs…


PresWhatsUpdate – Jan 2020

The Annual EFI Connect Conference 2020 was held last week and proved to be very informative and as always collaborative with both EFI and other members of the Industry. We held our annual MUG business meeting and are proud to announce...

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Where is everything?

Welcome to the new MUG website! If this is your first time here you are probably wondering where everything is - this post will help get your orientated. Some background - the redesign of the site was always as 2019 goal for the MUG board, but we had to accelerate the timeline due to a breach in the site that resulted in malware being injected into WordPress. In order to protect our users and their information we shut down the old site immediately, archived it, and completely rebuilt this site with more modern and robust security in mind, along with all of the already planned improvements. So the site is still in flux. Some things were recreated immediately; others are…