Add System Administration Option

2 years ago0

Enhancement Request to add an option in System Administration – Options – Inventory Options to Allow/Do Not Allow Inventory Receipts Reverse/Copy or Reverse once a AP Invoice is entered against a PO Line in the Reversal. The default would be to Do Not Allow as most users have been using the new functionality since 14.1.

In Foundation MONARCH-28735 was implemented from user requests to not allow a Inventory Receipt Reverse or Reverse/Copy of a PO Line once an AP Invoice has been entered against that PO Line.

At the 2018/2019 MUG there were requests from users to make this an option to go back to the 13.1 and older functionality that allowed users to Reverse or Reverse/Copy Inventory Receipts after an AP Invoice was entered against PO Line(s) or use the new 14.1 functionality.

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