AR Invoice Lines – Sort by Job ID

2 years ago0

What I am doing can have 50+ jobs being invoiced on different days during the month, so it would be a lot of work trying to move them around. Jobs are invoiced by sub-job only unless there is only the parent job.

What happened that brought this to my attention was a Job received on one date had 4 sub-jobs to invoice. On a later date, the invoice was received again, this time with a 5th sub job added. Not realizing I had already invoiced these, I proceeded to add all sub jobs, but 2,3,& 4 would not pull in, only sub 1 and sub 5. I looked into why and found I had already invoiced 1-4.

I’d like to add a request to have a Job Sort feature added to this so I can view these in the job order. For the time being, I am printing the invoice to screen to view these in job sequence order.

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