Press Inline Operations – coating – round to even pails, add freight?

2 years ago0

“Coatings we quote using Press Inline Operations. For Soft Touch AQ, we need to buy that in even 40 lb pail increments (we keep none on the floor), with freight added per pail. So we’ve been having to go into the entry, manually round to 40 lbs, and then add on outside service per pail. A pain when you get cover + text, and it’s a double hit which means parent/child each one – find the total, and then divide by 40 and round each segment/child to come up to that + the freight entry. Had a thought over the weekend. You guys recently added the round stock to another increment if you want to order stock in even ctns not the standard round (ours is set to 100 sheets, now we can say it’s 600shts/ctn easily and the computer does it. Any chance you can add that to press inline operations? Any chance as well of a line secondary line added within that to catch the freight per poundage?
(no clue which “”Module”” to pick…”

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