Set default path for attachments for Customers and Suppliers

2 years ago0

Is there an area in Monarch where I can set the default path for attachments, for Suppliers and Customers?

For Jobs, that functionality exists, so I hope it does for Suppliers and Customers as well.

If we could set a default, like in Job Management, then I could use the UNC path (like in the screenshot I submitted) instead of a drive letter.

This means that I’m not limited by what drives are mapped on individual’s computers. For instance, for the Mailing dept, they use a M drive letter, which stands for “”Mailing””. And in Estimating they use a different “”M”” drive, which stands for Matrix. They are not the same drive on the server.

A UNC path would look something like //server/mailing-folder/ OR //server/estimating-matrix-folder/

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