SkidTicket with Certyficate defaulted by Job

2 years ago0

I have been asked if Skid Ticket layout can be selected automatically while loading a job with a certificate for example FSC, PEFC etc.?

We have been certified to use different paper certificates FSC, PEFC etc. Information about the used certificate is placed on skid ticked on every process printing, folding all the way downstream. We have different skid tickets available on our Auto-count’s to be used accordingly (see the attachment).

The problem is that skid ticket needs to be selected correctly by machine operator. If she/he does select wrong skid ticket layout, the information about certificate will not appear on the ticket.

On the other hand, information about certificate is in the job/run loaded on AC.

It would be great if AC could select the appropriate skid ticket layout upon information in the loaded job. In fact, now we have that information in the job description but in the Monarch job there is a corresponding Forest Type selected that could be transferred to the AC run, and then there would be possible to bind the correct Skid Ticket Layout.

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