GL – Suggestion for Auto-Reversing Entries

Job Status setting within Monarch Foundation > Job Management Options> Job Status if Credit Limit Exceeded set to ‘‘Give option to set Job to inactive’ and by design there, job comes from iplan to foundation we will not provide a UI to ask question whatever to set Job to inactive as the user may not be present to answer question customer comment: When creating a job through iPlan, we don’t get a speed bump alert to have the ability to not set the job to inactive even though Monarch is configured to give this option. We need a way where we can get the jobcreditcheck email alerts without changing the job to inactive.

Press Inline Operations – coating – round to even pails, add freight?

"Coatings we quote using Press Inline Operations. For Soft Touch AQ, we need to buy that in even 40 lb pail increments (we keep none on the floor), with freight added per pail. So we've been having to go into the entry, manually round to 40 lbs, and then add on outside service per pail. A pain when you get cover + text, and it's a double hit which means parent/child each one - find the total, and then divide by 40 and round each segment/child to come up to that + the freight entry. Had a thought over the weekend. You guys recently added the round stock to another increment if you want to order stock in even ctns…

JOB Import option

The following fields are missing in the JOB import option - 1. Last Estimate No. 2. Estimate Quantity 3. Product Division 4. JOB description The current JOB job description field is used for populating the Job title It will ease our job if you can provide the above fields.

Set default path for attachments for Customers and Suppliers

Is there an area in Monarch where I can set the default path for attachments, for Suppliers and Customers? For Jobs, that functionality exists, so I hope it does for Suppliers and Customers as well. If we could set a default, like in Job Management, then I could use the UNC path (like in the screenshot I submitted) instead of a drive letter. This means that I'm not limited by what drives are mapped on individual's computers. For instance, for the Mailing dept, they use a M drive letter, which stands for ""Mailing"". And in Estimating they use a different ""M"" drive, which stands for Matrix. They are not the same drive on the server. A UNC path would look…

AR Invoice Lines – Sort by Job ID

What I am doing can have 50+ jobs being invoiced on different days during the month, so it would be a lot of work trying to move them around. Jobs are invoiced by sub-job only unless there is only the parent job. What happened that brought this to my attention was a Job received on one date had 4 sub-jobs to invoice. On a later date, the invoice was received again, this time with a 5th sub job added. Not realizing I had already invoiced these, I proceeded to add all sub jobs, but 2,3,& 4 would not pull in, only sub 1 and sub 5. I looked into why and found I had already invoiced 1-4. I'd like to…

AP Payments – Voucher Selection

AP Payments using the Complete Non-Check Payment button if you have multiple Vouchers for one Supplier they have to be added one at a time - The enhancement Request is to add an Add All button

Alert for Cash On Delivery Clients

There is no alert when a customer is COD from the begging of the entry of the job to invoicing the job. We currently have found a way to use the expense code for an alert but it is easily missed and once you put an expense code in, it becomes difficult to delete it. Meaning the customer could change from COD to Net 30 terms after some time and when you go to delete the expense code you get a message telling you it can't be deleted for one reason or another. You can't disable the expense code because the user also uses another expense code for a prompt that the customer wants their invoice emailed etc.