Suggestion for Job Ship to Data Build

Users build ship-to records from the customer master, but from the Jobs > Ship To Data page, they must open each line to edit the information. This process is cumbersome and time-consuming; the client would like the ability to edit key data in the Jobs > Ship To Data page selection browser client to create the records. Fields that users typically edit include the following: Requested ship date Requested on-site date Shipment method Requested quantity Shipping class

Bulk cost update of items

We, like others, have been hit with paper price increases across all suppliers. Currently, we are manually updating costs in each item one at a time. we need a way to update costs in the item table either by export-edit-import or some import template that replaces the cost data by item. is this possible?

PurchaseOrderEmail definition

The Customer uses the PurchaseOrderEmail definition with a Live PO and Supplier. By checking the box, Supplier Purchase Contact, and setting up a Purchase contact the PO gets sent to the Supplier. However, the customer would also like a copy to go to the user who created or printed the PO. If they check the box for Purchaser, then every user who has permission to print POs gets a copy. They can't add the requester to the definition because they have several buyers.