Copy Feature for PO Requisitions

Copy Feature for PO Requisitions. We would like to copy old PO req's as well as the ability to generate new PO req's from old POs.

SkidTicket with Certyficate defaulted by Job

I have been asked if Skid Ticket layout can be selected automatically while loading a job with a certificate for example FSC, PEFC etc.? We have been certified to use different paper certificates FSC, PEFC etc. Information about the used certificate is placed on skid ticked on every process printing, folding all the way downstream. We have different skid tickets available on our Auto-count's to be used accordingly (see the attachment). The problem is that skid ticket needs to be selected correctly by machine operator. If she/he does select wrong skid ticket layout, the information about certificate will not appear on the ticket. On the other hand, information about certificate is in the job/run loaded on AC. It would be…

Add System Administration Option

Enhancement Request to add an option in System Administration - Options - Inventory Options to Allow/Do Not Allow Inventory Receipts Reverse/Copy or Reverse once a AP Invoice is entered against a PO Line in the Reversal. The default would be to Do Not Allow as most users have been using the new functionality since 14.1. In Foundation MONARCH-28735 was implemented from user requests to not allow a Inventory Receipt Reverse or Reverse/Copy of a PO Line once an AP Invoice has been entered against that PO Line. At the 2018/2019 MUG there were requests from users to make this an option to go back to the 13.1 and older functionality that allowed users to Reverse or Reverse/Copy Inventory Receipts…

Add the ability to define a default shipping class by customer

Add the ability to define a default shipping class by the customer which will then default to all ship-to records entered for that customer’s jobs. Currently, the shipping class defaulting to the ship to record is based on how they are listed in the shipping class table on the job, numeric-alpha.