PrintStream Table Synchronization – Needs Additional Data Synchronizing

The customer is frustrated that although the Customers can be sent to PrintStream using the PrintStream Table Synchronization, the Contacts that are linked to a CUST ID that is set as 'Available in PrintStream' are not sent over.  Customer has voiced that extra steps that are required to get the Contacts from Monarch and imported in PrintStream should not be necessary.

iQuote prospect mapping to Monarch Customer

The ability for an iQuote customer with a status of Prospect to create a customer record in Foundation that is also designated as a prospect through the CustomerPartyMaster BOD message using the CustomerType attribute.

AP Supplier 1099 Report

Allow the user to simply enter the date range for the report. An additional suggestion would be to allow the user to enter a threshold ($600 for example) and have the option to exclude suppliers that are under that threshold and don’t need a 1099. Could you please put that in as a suggested future improvement?

Checkbox for AP Supplier 1099 Report

Add a checkbox next to the AP invoice line that can be selected if the expense should be added to the 1099 report. Some expenses should not be on 1099, i.e., hourly rate expenses.

Cost Sheet Print

Absolutely love the new feature that allows you to add cost sheets to print by Invoice Batch. Could another enhancement be made to do the same thing but for a Job Closing Batch?

Display Total Selected for AP Payments

The client would like the total AP payments selected in the bank reconciliation program to be summarized at the bottom of the screen, similar to the deposit reconciliation.

Outside Purchase Standard and PO requisitions

When creating PO requisitions from outside purchase standards during estimate merge, the Standard generates two separate requisition lines, one for the "Base Cost", and one for the total based on a unit cost. The PO req line created for the base cost includes the Item ID (which often doesn't really apply), and the line based on unit cost does not have an item ID (which should apply). If no base cost is included, the PO requisition is created for the unit cost line, but still without an item ID.

Include inactive inventory items in inventory reports

The customer would like to be able to run the standard Reports in Inventory and also for inactive items. So they could use a checkbox like you have for items with zero quantity and also for inactive items. They believe it would be beneficial for other customers as well, to be able to see historical data of items, although they are inactive.

Monarch AR invoice from email ID change

When a customer prints an AR invoice with an email option, it always triggers an email to the default email address. They can enter another but the email goes to that default email only. Request to manually change the ""From"" email address from AR Invoices heading page or print the invoices email option. Currently, they can enter another email id, still system triggers the email only to the already defined email id. Is there a way to change the from address here below while you are sending the invoice and have it override if the user has an email address under their Monarch user. Sometimes we might need a person to have an email from address be different than what…